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Monday, December 24th, 2012

The whole world looks like sucked candy. Hard candy, pitted with holes, softening under a rough tongue. The cathedral dissolves in the rain, collapses into sludge and drifts in the gutter. The soft gutter. The sticky road.
Gretel breathes. In for a count of three, hold, let it out slowly. It isn’t working. Her feet [...]

MA creative writing at napier university

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

This is the course I’m doing at the moment. When I was deciding whether to apply for this course, it was pretty hard to get any information or opinions from current/ex-students. It really might have been helpful to have some other points of view. So, if you’re thinking about doing this course, feel free to [...]

well jel

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Lots of folks lately writing about professional jealousy. I don’t suffer from it and I’m not just saying that. Jealousy happens when you are not living up to your own expectations and having fun with your own writing. Then you start to look at other people and wonder what they’ve got that you haven’t. If [...]

short burst of inspiration

Friday, December 7th, 2012

The illustrious and talented Robert Shearman visited us this morning and gave an inspiring talk about short stories. He said some very insightful and helpful things, which I’m not going to repeat here because if you want to hear his great advice you should probably be paying him a lot of money for it. But [...]