your dreams and what they mean

If you dream of an old woman holding out her palms, this is lucky.

If you dream of the green half of an apple, this signifies virtue. If you dream of the red half,  it means poison.

If you come across a well in your dream, this is a well of emotion. If it is dry, and a bucket clanks in the hollow space, and scrapes against the mildewed brick, this means that you must bring your feelings up on a winch.

If you dream of violence and wake up with your heart banging in your chest and thudding in your ears, and you reach for the light and switch it on and lie back on the pillow, trying to calm yourself, but the room closes in on you, collapses around you like a sack, and the old woman laughs, and a metal bucket clanks in a dry well; if you realise you are still dreaming and you force yourself to wake and reach out for the light, but you can’t touch it and your fingers fall through it; you’re a ghost, and the only thing you can grasp is the red half of an apple: if this is your dream, you have already eaten the poison.

If this is your dream, you must try to wake up.

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