happy birthday to me and my story school!


It’s my birthday today, which shouldn’t be very exciting since I’ve had so many of them already. But this year is different because today I’m also opening the doors to my own school. I’ve always wanted a school, but thought it would take a lot of money – for a start, I’d need a spooky castle with its own grounds, a moat (obviously), and a dungeon for anyone who gives me cheek. Seemed like an impossible dream. It wasn’t until the Advent of Pandemic Catastrophe, when I started to teach online, that I realised I could build a school out of internet mulch. So it’s here! Well, it’s kind of here. Internet mulch will only get you the illusion of a school. A real school needs students.

So please check it out and maybe even give it a go! And please do share THE STORY SCHOOL with anyone who might be interested.

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